Alumni Stories

"While a student at Furman, I worked part-time in the library, re-shelving books. One day, while re-shelving books in the restricted area (an enclosed area near the circulation desk where rare books were held), I noticed a thick, hard-bound book with the impressive title What Men Know About Women. Quickly grabbing the book from the shelf, I thought, 'Wow! Why haven’t I heard about this book before?' I hurriedly looked for the table of contents—and discovered that every page in the book was completely blank. Perhaps I did learn exactly how much men know about women." ~ Tom McAbee

We would like to thank Mr. McAbee for being the first to share a Furman story. PLEASE write us and tell use your stories or share your memories of Furman traditions. And as a side note we are pleased to let you know that the image above is from our Historical Negatives Collection. This collection is far larger than out Historical Print Collection and thanks to modern technology can be used in much the same way as actual photographs.

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foxofbama said...

Here's the deal
To get these stories to kick in, start rollin with some frequencies I suggest you get some of Furman's novelists and other writers to kick in, starting with Tommy Hays, Sam Hodges and George Singleton.
I'm not in their class, not close, but will give my version of Homecoming 73, my only breakthrough moment at Furman as emcee joining an illustrious group that just a year or two before included to become President Shi.
That is if you can turn up a decent picture of me and Dicki Wilson.
I remember we made Betsy King laugh; in fact lot of folks were laughing.
Okay, now the baton is passed to Singleton and the greats and we'll go from there.